Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunrise at Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran + NEX-3

Yesterday, we had an outing at Mengkabong bridge to catch the sunrise. It's a good opportunity to test what this camera can offer. Reached there around 5.30 am, set up tripod and took Nex's first sunrise shooting.

Don't mind the new watermark. There's a joke between us about watermarks on our photos.

This time of the year, the sun shine's farther left of Mount Kinabalu. It was right on top of it in February.

The tilt lcd and Sony's fast live-view helped a lot during composing. Changes to the shutter speed and aperture can be seen on the photos live(except for long shutter/bulb).

Yus with his film TLR. The sole a700 user in our group.

Then we had a simple portrait shooting. What a pity that Nex doesn't support wireless flash like its bigger alpha siblings. Who knows it might be added through firmware upgrade or using a new flash unit. For now I'm happy with the reflector or just natural light.

As usual, group photos and...

'Nex poisoning' time!

Conclusion : With Nex, I rediscovered the fun and joy of photo taking.


  1. What a gorgeous sunrise!

  2. Just like what people said, one of the best spots for sunrise. I should try it out one day. By the way, that's a fantastic sunrise shot!

    Cheers. :)

  3. Q Smith : Thanks.

    Peter : Thanks. It is! Another one would be at Kokol. Next time I would try another one at a lower angle though. Below the bridge. Think it would look great too.