Monday, July 12, 2010


:D Yes! It's another photoshoot at Kokol. One thing for sure the sunrise will always be different everyday. The first time I went to this place, the sun was rising on the right side of Mount Kinabalu, but yesterday it was on the left. The sight, as usual was breathtaking and we were lucky that it wasn't foggy.

I brought along my newly-bought tripod and a silver/gold reflector. The reflector provided us with some nice portraits.

Joshua who came from Miri, brought along the poisonous Minolta 70210 f4 aka beercan.

No female models, male models do just fine.



Some extra editing with words.

Here's behind the scene look.

Anyway, I will bid farewell to my larger system very soon to embark into a project that is not photography related. Photos in the future will be handled by its smaller, cuter sibling.


  1. Tubik? U tukar ke NEX systemkah? wow hoo.. Best da jak ktkorg outing eh..

  2. hehe. Ada projek lain nok perlu duit lok pok. Dah ok kelak aku angkat gik sigek, time ya hopefully replacement 700 dah kuar.

    Ko ya bila mok join kamek org? Joshua udah. :D

  3. bestnyer ada dslr!
    so jealousy...

  4. hi syahira. thanks for the visit. boleh buat gambar cantik2 gak dengan compact. :D tapi kalu nak terus ke dslr , x salah jugak.

  5. ...A bit farewell? hmmm...sound very!!

  6. very2 fishy my friend. hahaha.