Friday, July 9, 2010

Tobilung's Mongigol traditional dance

The Tobilung's referred the 'mongigol' as the 'dance of eagles' because the rhythm and the moves replicating the movement of an eagle in the sky. It was said that once upon a time, a young Tobilung girl saw an eagle which was looking out for prey in sky. The flapping and spreading of the wings looked like a dance which inspired the girl to create the what is now 'mongigol'. Nowadays, this traditional dance is often performed during Kaamatan(Harvest Festival) or weddings.

Last week, I witnessed this dance which was organised by my sister in-law for her final-year project. My mother in-law played a part too by playing the 'kulintangan'.

Wifey tried her skills on the 'kulintangan'.

The gongs.

Kulintangan close-up.

Each produces different tones when hit.

Five players needed to perform the music for mongigol.

The decorations on the costume.

Back view.

I did record the whole dance using a handycam but yet to edit the videos. Will upload the videos once it's finished.
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  1. bro...this is the culture for dusun?

  2. from what i know, just the dusun tobilung bro. there's a few other dusun races such as lotud etc. tobilung mostly at kb and k. marudu areas.