Monday, October 18, 2010

Sony Nex-3, LA-EA1 and 55200 SAM

Since I installed the new firmware for the Nex, I eagerly waited for this to arrive. It's a used Sony SAL 55200mm SAM which I bought for RM410. To mount in, I bought the LA-EA1 adapter too! A used but still mint unit for RM560. Because of the eagerness and anxiety, I brought along my netbook to the post office last Saturday to collect both items, and quickly updated the adapter right outside the building!

The lens itself is bigger, but everything is NICE!

The first shot right after the updating process. 1/800, f6.3 iso 400, 200mm.

As reported, the AF speed is slower and sometimes it hunts even in broad daylight. To me, having AF with Sony's SSM and SAM lenses is just a bonus. I still can make do with the slower AF though I do wish it's a bit faster. :p

After that, I went to Mega Avit with a friend of mine. I was planning to mount SSM lenses to see if there's any differences with the AF speed. Guess what! A33 SLT just arrived! I on the other hand, requested for the 70200 G to be tested.

Cute orange box! 55mm, iso 800, 1/320, f4.

A33 with 1680 Zeiss. 70200G, f4, iso200, 70mm, 1/30.

Chua examined the A33, and made up his mind to get the a55 which is coming end of this month.
60mm, iso800, 1/50, f6.3.

IMO, SSM lenses autofocus a little bit faster than SAM lenses. As for the 70200 G lens, I don't have much problems handling it, even on manual focus because of the big zoom and focusing ring.
Back to the real world aka using my own SAM lens, I shot some more photos from this 'underated' lens.

The newly installed tweets. 1/1000, iso200, f7,1, 200mm.

1/800, iso200, f7.1, 200mm.

1/25, iso3200, f5.6, 135mm.

1/125, iso400, f5.6, 200mm

1/400, iso400, f5.6, 200mm cropped.

Back at home, I mounted my friend's beercan.

Manual focusing only, but the focus ring was smooth.

Beercan, 1/40, f4.5, iso3200, 160mm.

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