Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wasai revisited's Sunday again. What a good day to rest and do other things beside work. My friends suggested we go to Wasai, which is a popular waterfall located not far from Lawas town. I quickly agreed, as I've been shooting less nowadays.

Before that, some portraiture of Azmi, my colleague using 55200.

Besides that, I got to try the SAM1855, mounted via adapter. The AF was faster than SAM55200. The shot below was taken with a CPL filter attached. Speaking of filters, I just bought cheap CPL and GND filters to use with the SEL1855. Because the diameter of the lens was 49mm, and the filters are 52, I bought 49-52mm step-up ring for RM29(plus postage) from Yamiya.

Whoah blue skies! By the way, my colleagues and I will be going to Kudat at the end of next week, that's why I'm getting those filters.

Let's get back to Wasai. I have blogged about this place a while ago. Today, the place was packed, so we walked further up which is a first for me. The drought season affected the amount of water but still there's a few places that we can dip in. Most of the shots here were taken using the least-used lens in my kit, 16mm f2.8 unless stated.

55200. My housemate Safri.

Slow shutter as usual.

The walk up. It is slippery so be careful.

The view from above where we had our dip.

Azmi and Jonikal.

Shots below taken with 1855SEL.

1.6 sec slow shutter, f22.

One of few hi-speed shots, this one taken on is03200, f5.6, 1/500.

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