Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Apple Doughnuts in Lawas?

Looks delicious?

Although it's not coming from Big Apple, but definitely the doughs fared comparably to it. Finally there's a bakery in Lawas that makes nice doughnuts, although the fillings could be better. I noticed they tend to use more chocolates.

Hopefully they can add durian flavour. Durian is abundant nowadays. I can buy a whole sack of tasty durians for RM20. Most will be eaten, some will end up as tempoyak(preserved durians).

Speaking of tempoyak, I'm salivating now. It's been a regular serving everyday for my housemates and I. Tempoyak with sardines, tempoyak with cincaluk, tempoyak with budu, tempoyak with prawn name it, we got it!

Hmm...just can't wait to have my lunch later. Tempoyak(again!!!!) fried with prawns. Maybe I should blog about that soon.


  1. bro, u ni kuat makan...jgn lupa jg badan..

  2. haha. bukan kuat makan geng. suka makan. :p