Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celcom is good huh...and big day preparations

Celcom is good, good in making my life miserable and thanks to its 'Beruk'band connections, I had to resolved watching more tv programmes than I should. Why? The service is bad this past one week. From HSDPA connection and suddenly change to UMTS, then everything went slow and eventually stopped. Changed to EDGE, usable but slower, and since this two days it's unusable.

Luckilly I'm able to use EDGE at my school, so I better update this blog before this area get affected with the bad connection.

My big day is coming soon. Me missus and I have been busy looking for canopies, wedding cakes, the foods, cards and stuffs. Sometimes it gets confusing as there's a lot of things to be considered before we picked our choices. Money plays a part of it too. After the reception at her place, we will be having another one at my place next year.

One day, we went looking for the small flower bouquet(the one you stick at a person's shirt...I'm not sure what's the name). There aren't a lot of choices as our wedding theme is purple. Saw a lot of golds and red kind of flowers though. When we looked closer at some of the flowers, it looked like something that we can actually do it ourselves. So we decided to get some purple cloth ribbons and few accessories.

After few try and a lot of errors, we finally got this.

Twist and twirl, add UHU gum.

Small roses.

Add a few bits and pieces...

Hmm...which one is better. It will be used for my relatives. We will use fresh flowers.

Costs? A whole lot cheaper than shops. Very satisfying DIY.


  1. aiseh...sudah diy camera now diy flower..can buka kedai dah ni ..haha...the left 1..with the silver ribbon abit more contrast..kekeke..

  2. haha. tengkiu bro. i like the one with the silver ribbon too. btw rachael also kaki diy what. so that makes us two of a kind lah. hahaha. i'm in the process of making another alien gun geng. version 3. should be even better than the previous two if my noob theory is right. hehehe.

  3. nice colour..when is your big day? ada invitation ke? hahaha!

  4. don't forget to invite me...hahahaha! it will be a good platform for me to test my skills of wedding photography, and of course, perhaps i have the change to play with your 70200 f/2.8..hehehehe