Sunday, October 25, 2009

My school's 2009 Prize Giving Day

Phew! It has been a while since I last updating this blog. It was a busy week for me, and I just attended a Science Symposium at SMK Merapok since Friday night till Sunday evening with my students. I'm tired and both cameras had another mishap(again!!!). Severity 40% more than the previous misfortune I had at Kpg. Taburan. What a weekend. Hopefully I can strike something at Cashsweep. :D

Guess who came to the Science Symposium today?

Will blog about it soon. For now, enjoy the photos I took during the prize-giving day.

Our school hall.

Waiting for the VIP guest.

Our District Education Officer, Mr. Matzinan should be coming, but his assistant, Mr. Sim Abdullah came instead.

The parents and students waiting to receive their prize and certificate.

Our head-prefect, and role model of 2009, Mohazrina.

My Principal Mr. Suleiman.

Students lining up.

Ninjas in disguise?

High Sundar musical.

1 Malaysia dance.