Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mesilau Photoshoot

This time we had the photoshoot at a nearby stream. The stream was nice, filled with lush and green surroundings but the river was terribly cold. My friend happily went across the river but I, still haunted by the silly fall earlier at Taburan, just sat on a stone near the bank. Didn't dare to go further as I was carrying two sets of camera and it was slippery. Hence all my shots were taken at a limited angle.

Some of my friends commented about my tight croppings for my shots at Taburan, so this time I used the Tokina on my a700 and the Tamron on the a200.

Anabelle, using natural lighting.

These shots taken with flash.

Zila and Roy.

My Nikonian friend in action.

Had lots of fun during the photoshoot sessions, but the best thing was I learnt and gained more about my flash setup, the camera settings and post-processing the photos. I'm sure we will be doing similar photoshoots, with similar 'models' but at a different location soon. Hopefully by that time I had already completed my DIY softbox.


  1. tenkui bro. next time in kuching we do something similar lah ok. :D

  2. This is much much better, bro. I like them all. U can try reducing the colors a bit. Got exif data?

  3. thanks bro. definitely i learnt a lot during this photoshoot. the colours were a bit vivid, and to add it all up i shoot all jpegs. haha. Exif? got. Which one eh?

    First four photos taken with a200, with tamron 70200 lens.

    1) 1/400, iso 400, 75mm f4
    2) 1/80, iso200, 70mm f4
    3) same as no 2
    4) same as no 2

    White gown in water, taken with a700, f58 mounted on camera and tokina.
    5) 1/40, iso200, 55mm f6.3
    6) 1/50, iso200, 70mm f7.1
    7) 1/50, iso200, 50mm f7.1

    zila n roy, with a200 combo

    8) 1/60, iso200, 70mm f5
    9) 1/80, iso200, 90mm f4

    hope it helps. :D