Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cooking lobsters with Chef Ehwan

Recently I bought some medium-sized lobster from villagers near my school. Those two-kilograms fresh lobster cost me just Rm20 which is very, very cheap. My housemates and I aren't used to cook it, so we asked one of our colleagues to help us out.

Our 'chef' taught us how to cut and clean the lobster properly.

This should be around one kilogram in weight.

Awesome sweetness!

He can't wait!

Future 'chef' of the house observing the process.

Our chef, Ehwan.

Fry the usual stuffs : onions, garlic,ginger and lemon-grass.

Then add in ground chili, a little bit of coconut milk and tamarind for that extra kick!

Put the lobster into the wok.

Before serving, add an egg to thicken the sauce.

Serve it hot!

Outcome : One full stomach and some allergies before I went to sleep. Luckily it subsides the next morning. Hehe.

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