Sunday, January 3, 2010

Serikin market, Sarawak.

This is one backdated post which I just have time to blog about. I went there with friends on the 27th Dec 09 to have a look at this interesting place. The last time I went to Serikin was more than 10 years ago to visit some classmates during my secondary school days. Serikin is located about 20 km from Bau town, or about 45 km from Kuching city.


Paul Chai

What's so special about this small village that people from all walks of life would gather during the weekends? Serikin is the place where 2 countries; Malaysia and Indonesia would meet and interact. Sellers from Indonesia are allowed to enter Sarawak(Borneo,Malaysia) bringing with them products and goods for Malaysians to buy.

We reached there around 11 am and the parking place is almost full. Might be more than 200 cars present. The parking charge is RM2.00.

A view of the shops(huts).

An interesting small product to produce uniquely-shaped biscuits.

Seashells decorations.


Women hats.

Plant decorations.

Some antiques.

Old, branded watches.

Cloned guitars.

Personal jewelery and rings.

Wanna get sucked? :p

This little fella can help you.

Curtains and such.

Fuel-powered small metal boats.

Whistle that produces bird sounds.

Omega anyone?


Buy keychains here for souveniers.

Engraving service is provided for your keychains.

Cheap tees.

Titbits. Buy the cheese version. I was told it's delicious but always sold out.

If you want to visit this place, I would suggest that you go early. Easier to walk around without the crowd that kept coming by noon. The place usually close at 2 pm. Food stalls area abundant so you can shop to your heart's desire without worrying about you tummy. And one last thing, maybe you can follow what this lady is doing.

Bring along your shopping cart. Easier to carry your things around.


  1. i'm looking forward for lenses sales! lol!

  2. thank you for this entry...
    it really helps me..
    i'm going there next week.... (kuching)

  3. hi guys,
    how to get there if we have no transport? is there any car-for-rent available in kuching? how much the rental is 4 small group as 2 adults & 2 infants?

  4. Hello Anonymous . You can get there by bus, but if you can rent a car that would be more convenient. You can rent Viva which cost roughly Rm100 if I'm not mistaken.

  5. i went there last week...
    the weather was so hot!!!

  6. owh, Serikin is my hometown . i'll be there twice in a year. btw, do u recognize the drinks shop before the bridge? that's my granpa's house.the 1st pic up there u took is my aunty's shop and the house behing it is my uncle's.

  7. Hi Polaris. Thanks for the visit. Yeap, the weather was hot last week. But I do it doesn't get into the with shopping.

    Anonymous. Thanks for the visit as well. Thanks to your hometown, I managed to get paid for some of the photos here. :D