Thursday, January 7, 2010

New year, new chapter begins

It's already the seventh day of the year 2010. So what have changed since last year? Erm...this year I'm teaching English again. Majoring in Science though. It's something about language lessons that you need to do more than just teaching to make your students understand and master them. I taught it before and I don't think I did well. Maybe a lot of humour in the class? Some say the when you love the teacher, you will likely do well in his/her class? Is it?

Taken at Kpg Taburan, Kota Belud. The beach here is simply...'heaven'

Next, I'm driving a new car. Not exactly new as my dad passed his rarely-used Isuzu D-Max to me. "Your wedding present" he said, "and don't forget the monthly payment". Rarely-used as he has his Proton Waja and Perodua Viva parked under the house. I sometimes wonder how it feels to have three cars to choose when you are the sole driver. I do need it actually as my 7-year old Perodua Kenari need to be rested. It has served me so well these past years and the mileage it covered almost equal to an 11 or even a 12-year old car. The reliability that the D-max possesses ensures lots of safe trips from Lawas to KK and vice versa.

Camera wise, I don't see myself having any new gears this year(crossing fingers). What's left in the bag are the Tokina and Tamron 70-200. I'm still having a wide angle lens in my wishlist though. Just that the need is not there yet. I better off utilising my current gears to the fullest.

This will be my last post about photos taken in 2009. It's my cousin John and her wife Georgina's wedding reception at Kuching Park hotel. All taken with the 'borrowed' 16-105, F58 on body using the built-in flip-out card. Come to think of it, I haven't mailed them the photos yet. Huhu.

The '10-sec' smooching came after this.

John's dad in blue, Georgina's in white.

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