Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sony 50mm f1.8 first try

During a recent gathering with other Alpha users, I managed to try the Sony 5omm f1.8 prime lens. In my hands, the plastic is better than the 18-70mm kit and almost the same thing used for the new kitty 18-55mm lens. On the other hand, I would prefer the plastic finish of the Minolta 50mm f1.7. Looks shinier.

I quickly mount in on my cam, took some shots and I think I'm in love again!

1/30, f2, iso 1600.

1/15, f2.5, iso 1600

1/10, f2.8, iso1600

1/5, f2.8, iso 1600

1/5, f2.8, iso1600

1/20, f1.8, iso 1600

1/80, f4, iso 1600, f58 on top bounced

1/80, f4, iso 1600, f58 bounced

1/40, f4, iso 800, f58 bounced

Just a shot and I'm very much impressed. More shots and I'm speechless with the sharpness at f4 and above. This lens made me miss my ex-Minolta more. But then, as much as I would love to have it, 50mm would be a bit tight on with the crop factor in my cam. The Minolta 28mm or the new Sony 30mm macro SAM lens would be a better choice for me. Bokeh wise, I couldn't ask for more from this 50mm. It would fit nicely for future wedding shots.

It is retailed at Rm599 at Sony Center. Street price would be much cheaper.

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