Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Alphanatics day trip to Lawas

Hmm...it's been more than a week since my last update. School work kept coming in which hindered me from this blog and my camera.

Anyway, last Sunday I received a SMS around 5 am from my fellow Alpha user, Maha informing that they are on their way to Lawas.

Woah! Great! I mean it's been more than a week I didn't touch the cam. With them coming at least I have friends to go outing. But then, where can I take them to? The few places I could think of would be the beach at Punang and Awat-Awat. Or just maybe some street shooting.

They reached Lawas at noon, I brought them to buy some local rice before we visited Punang.

Shukrie on the prowl with his Sony UWA and CPL filter.

Villagers drying anchovies.

There's always time to pose for Maha and Faris.

The jetty here looks nice for potraits.

Group shots!

Our next stop, Awat-Awat which is quite near to my school. It's located around 30 km from Lawas town.

Someone caught this at the riverbank.

His bait.

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