Friday, January 1, 2010


My New Year's eve was spent at my wife's village at Kota Belud. We had a small barbecue and some light drinking. No fireworks and crowds. Everything was calm, quiet but it was very windy. What caught my eye was the moon shone brightly last night. In fact, it was the brightest I have ever see.

I just focused on the clouds and my car that was lit by it. It was so bright that you don't need flashlights to walk around. All shots taken at iso1600 with the shutter speed of 1/4.

The next morning, I joined my in-laws for some fishing at a nearby stream. The villagers would gather once a year for this 'family' event.

My mother in-law trying her luck.

This dog must be wishing it could fish as well.

Young and old, all lend a helping hand.

The joy of catching a decent-sized fish.

So, what happened to the fish afterwards?

Barbecued raw!

There's always something about enjoying a hot barbecued fish at the riverbank which makes you hungrier than usual. Ah, just like the old days back in my own village.

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