Thursday, December 31, 2009

X'mas 2009

This year's Christmas was a nice one, mainly due to the fact that we didn't do much preparations like what we did years before. Mum decided to cater some of the foods, and helped a lot. Gone were the Christmas Eve's nights where mum and sometimes us would slept late at night just to prepare for the foods. And we had more guests visiting this year to finish our foods and drinks.

I had just a few Christmas day photos to share with you guys. This is how the Riseng's family celebrated it. Cheers!

Some decors :

Some of the guests :

Bro and sis, cousin Anya and Tom

Cousin Matthew and Angelina

Cousin Nadia

The next Candy?

Chadrim and friend

Georgina, cousin John's wife.

Mum, aunt Catherine and uncle Manggon

Their son Darren

Sis's friends

Some of the foods and drinks :

Simple titbits, we aim for the full course!

Sweet and sour cake.

The usual serving.

Catered chicken.

Catered Tilapia.

A must, mum's beef rendang.

Happy New Year 2010 everyone. It is a lovely night tonight with the moon shine at its brightest state. Will post that up later.

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