Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pacific Sutera room 1157

So how does a two-day, Rm700++ for two days room looked like?

Super soft, comfy bed.

A nice lazy chair. Notice the brown window on the left side? Open that to view the bathroom.

The TV cabinet and study table. Big room, lots of amenities but the TV is still CRT. How about a LCD TV there and guest will have more space inside the room.

The study/work table. There's three telephones in this room alone. Internet access is provided via Lan cable.

Coffee making facilities provided. The freezer is located underneath, inside the cabinet.

The bathroom. No water outlet near the toilet area but the dryer is better-placed than the other hotel I slept before this.

View from inside the bathroom. Notice the window earlier on.

Toothbrush, shaver is provided don't worry.

The basic stuffs.

Aarrkk!!! What that inside the bathtub? A small peel-off. Luckily it didn't scratch my bum-bum.

Soaking in the bathtub while watching TV/posing for the camera. Now that explains the usage of the window. :D

Oh by the way, the window has air strips to let air out from the bathroom. Do close the lid of the toilet bowl after you are done with your 'thing', or else it will pollute the air outside. The air outlet fan doesn't do much help either. Just a reminder ya!

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