Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coming Home

Christmas is just around the corner and as always, I'm back home to celebrate it with my family. My wife couldn't join us because she finished up her leave that was used for our wedding last month. Anyway, I couldn't update this blog as much as I could because I don't have fast internet access at home. Been persuading my mom to install one but my reasons wasn't strong enough. :D My wireless broadband? Damn it's still GPRS here. Slow as a snail.

But I'm really surprise that some coffee shops in Bau are providing free internet access for its customers. Just what I need when I go out to have my evening coffee. I have been busy painting the bathroom and the kitchen of the house since I got back. Nothing much to write today. Just some update on our Alpha mini gathering and my cousins weeding. I was their photographer for their big day.

Zooming effect first try during our gathering.

John and Georgina's big day last Tuesday. Unedited photos here using a borrowed 16-105mm. Their reception will be on the 27th this month.

Aite, that's all for today. :D Will be having a 'model' shoot tomorrow here with some friends so stay tune!

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