Thursday, December 3, 2009

Imperial International Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

The day before our wedding reception, we decided to stay at Imperial International Hotel. The hotel is situated on top of Wawasan Plaza, just beside Centre Point shopping mall. Entertainment outlets is just walking distances from the hotel.

The bed is very clean and comfy.

We stayed at the Court room. It has all the necessities for a fun and relaxing stay. Every room is provided with high-speed internet access which I enjoyed very much.

Chair doesn't suit the coffee table. Too tall for my liking.

Ample space for your activities.

Flat screen LCD TV equipped, albeit a small one. By the way where's the study chair?

Coffee/tea making facilities. For a normal coffee drinker like me, the creamer and sugar provided are surely not enough.

Lots of cabinets.

Let's go to the bathroom.

Tissue and water are provided together. I like.

Dryer is located below the mirror, next to the toilet bowl. Maybe you can dry your 'rear' with that.

Shower, but no bathtub.

This hotel provides meeting rooms, but no pool and gym. I would love to stay in a hotel with a good location like this, but with the addition of pool or gym and sauna to relax your body after a whole day of shopping. Wouldn't that be an even better stay.

My parents were lucky that their belongings were safe as their room couldn't be locked and they didn't know about it. The next morning all of us went out for my reception, and when we came back, my aunt accidentally pushed the door knob and to their surprise, the door wasn't locked all day. The hotel management gave them a new room.

However, I would like to praise the hotel's staff for returning my parent's belonging safely and in one piece which was left behind during the room change. It was labeled as Lost and Found item. But then, I do wonder why they didn't return it immediately as I think that they do know my parent's have changed rooms, instead waiting for a call from them.


  1. "Dryer is located below the mirror, next to the toilet bowl. Maybe you can dry your 'rear' with that." kekekeke cant imagine.. lucu na statement ko ya bro..