Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life for the past week

Honestly I don't know where I should start. A lot of things happened during the past week and there's so much to share. And I somehow lack of ideas for this post. Anyway, I'll just do a recap on what I saw and experienced with short descriptions.

1. I saw the new Perodua Alza.

Looks good. I agree with what Paul Tan of paultan.org said about the car. It's not competing against Proton Exora, but more to Persona and the coming Waja replacement. The extra seats of the Alza will accommodate children and small adults nicely. I like how they placed the automatic gear shifter which is within reach. The plastics are typically Perodua, simple yet functional.

2. My family and some relatives was here and all of us went to Salut Restaurant for a dinner.

Yummy yum mushrooms!

Brought them to Kundasang where they bought kilos and kilos of vegetables.

Why are they here?

3. Coz' I'm getting married!(actually by the time I'm writing this I'm already a hubby. A chubby hubby).

The morning before the wedding.

The wedding ceremony at the church was great. I still remember the moment I stupidly asked the priest if I can kiss my wife after the blessings of the ring.(I can actually but I forgot even after we had a rehearsal earlier).

Our small mini reception after the church ceremony was simple yet sweet. Lucky for us we catered food for 60 persons. Before our wedding we thought that our guests wouldn't come to 30 because our big day was on Thursday but eventually, almost 60 friends and families came. Thank God for that.

My sis and lil' brother. He's my best man.

All together now.

4. Did the car decorations by myself.

It was fun doing it on your own. After I did the decor for my wife's car, I did the same thing on our rented Toyota before we head home to her village for our reception last Saturday.

What can I say about the Ipsum? I never drove anything this expensive in my life, so everything is soooooooo nice! The ride, interior finishing and seating position is good. Love the adjustable absorber switch which gives you the option for comfort and sport. The latter sets the car to a firm ride for better cornering. Then there's the semi-auto gear located at the steering wheel. The reverse camera that feeds video into the headunit provides 'wwwwaaaaaa' sounds from us.

The 2.4cc engine consumes quite a lot of fuel, but the power and torque...exhilirating!

5. Experiencing the reception at her village.

White and purple were the colours of our choice for the wedding and reception.

It rained the moment we reached her home, but it didn't hamper the mood of everyone present. Food wasn't great but it kept everyone full till late night. Drinks? Just nice. The earlier karaoke session was replaced with a live band which made everyone entertained and danced. The not so good thing was...an intended short rest came out as a good night sleep. Didn't enjoy that moment much and I missed a lot of the activities. Sigh...

6. Cakes

This RM400 for a two kilogram cake out shined our twelve kilo, Southern cake. What an expensive cake, but the taste and texture is irresistible. Luckily, it was sponsored. All thanks to Pamela, my wife's cousin for that.

7. I'm a star!

I sang an old Malay rock ballad song during the reception, and it was posted on Youtube. Aarrgghhh!

What's coming soon? Looking foward for three days two nights stay at Pacific Sutera. Woohoo!


  1. makaseh geng. btw, i'm going back to kch next week. let's tt!

  2. betul lor. tunngu u lor. i ada cobra dah tapi tak tau nak pakei... adei...

  3. jgn tak tau. kena tau. later our cobra's meet, bergaduh itu kalu tidak kena tame. heheheh.