Friday, December 4, 2009

First day at Pacific Sutera

Right now I'm writing this in my hotel room, located on the 11th floor of Pacific Sutera, KK. I'll be staying here for three days two nights to relax and 'feel' the rich and famous lifestyle. Hehe. So far it has been great. Plenty of things and scenery to shoot and activities to do. For this trip I borrowed my friend's Sony 11-18mm Ultra Wide Angle(UWA) lens. Good lens for scenery but have to be careful with the distortion.

Shots like this is totally easy to take with the UWA.

The room foyer.

So far I just walk around the place to locate places that would be great for shooting. Lastly, with a tired feet, I decided to take a swim in the pool.

Aiyak! A failed Baywatch style water splash.


  1. photo last one... mcm budak budak main air. wakakaakakakaka...

  2. everybody if jumpa air pun mcm budak. hahahaha.