Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a few more days...

In two days time, I'll be driving back to Lawas and then KK. In a few days time it will be the coming of the New Year and the start of 2010 school session. But before that, I need to cover my cousin John's wedding reception tomorrow at Kuching. I covered their wedding ceremony at St. Joseph's churchon the 15th, and we did a simple, short wedding photoshoot after that. All the photos here were taken using the 16-105mm. A nice range for wedding IMO, but lacks the bokeh that is equally important for these kind of shots.

Shot taken with F58 on body with Omnibounce for fill light. Photos taken at Reservoir Park and Friendship Garden. I'm still not satisfied with my shots however. Still need to learn a lot on the editing part and the poses.

By the way, here's an interesting article for general reading.


  1. beautifully done my friend. nicely filled though under tricky location e.g under the shades. well done. im looking forward for more from u. chayo.

  2. thanks my friend. your shots are inspirational as well. Happy New Year 2010.