Friday, December 25, 2009

Cyntia at an unfinished park

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Had a busy day today as all of our regular guests came over. This year mum opt to cater for the foods, and it was tasty and cheap as well. She only cooked three dishes; our favourite rendang, chicken curry and mix vegetable. Didn't go visiting much this first day of Christmas though.

Anyway, few day before X'mas we had a small photoshoot at a park situated in Krokong, Bau. It was reported by a friend that the park could not be completed due to some personal issues. It had a man-made waterfall, stone stairs, wooden pathway in situated in a vast area filled with lush green trees and flowers.

Had to walk about 10 min to get to this place.

Bidayuh baruk.

Burney with his signature look.

Backache ah Wez?

Our model this time is Paulyna Cyntia. She's a friend to our friend. This time we brought along a reflective polisterine as a reflector and as usual, our flashes for some wireless strobing. I used my ever trusty Tammy 70-200 for that bokeh shots.

'Behind the scenes' shot.

This was taken from the stone stairs, 200mm.

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