Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Morning Sutera Harbour!

On my last day there, I said to myself I really have to get up early to catch the sunrise. So there I was, standing outside the balcony at 5 am puffing a cigarette with a coffee in my hand while waiting for the nice sun to shine. The skies wasn't clear though, and once more Mount Kinabalu did not make an appearance.

Love these shot for its colours. No wonder some people say the best time to shoot is early morning and late evening.

Then I head outside the hotel to capture some perspective shots while utilizing the UWA lens to the max.

I head back to the room, and to my surprise, there it is! Majestic Mount Kinabalu.

Changed to the Tamron 70200 for some closeup. About 10 minutes later, the mountain was covered with clouds again.

Anyway, I found brochures of the water activities that you can enjoy here. I don't know if the rates are reasonable, but for my second trip next time I will try any one of those. Might have to get a waterproof compact beforehand.

Later that night, I met with fellow Alpha users to give back the UWA lens which has given me so much joy for the past three days. The wideness it provides and the small minimum focusing distance(MFD) does help in capturing lots of great moments during this trip. Definitely I will get one as I love shooting landscapes.

By the way, did you know that my Tamron SP90mm macro and my F42 is up for sale? Hehe.


  1. nice pics. I use A330 sony dSLR :)

  2. hey thanks. you have some nice photos in your blog too. good to know more alpha friends here. cheers!