Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One thing to another

Fever had passed, but now I'm having another sickness. Out of sudden my body is full of rashes. It all started after I consumed the medicines that the doctor gave me. I was given three types of painkillers! I suspected that those painkillers were the culprit so I stopped consuming it. But the rashes still there up till now making me feeling very uneasy.

So just now I came back to the doctor. He quickly did some testing whether I'm having dengue symptoms and luckily I didn't. I was given another medicine and I really hope that I'll be fine by Christmas day.

By the way, here comes some long overdue post. Here are some pics taken from the 1 Malaysia Tuaran festival. I armed myself with the 70-200mm Tammy and see what I can do with such long and tight range.

First use binoculars, next time telescope.

Rowing competition.

What are you thinking of?

At Tuaran town, karaoke competition was held.

Dusun Lotud tribe.

A very passionate goat.

The day before, I joined some of my friends to Dalit beach at Tuaran for some sunset shooting. It's a nice beach for an outing but just be careful as some people have drowned while bathing there.

A little pose before the sun really sets.

Shukri and Ahmad.

Shukri told me the best time to take photos was after the sun sets. That's where the all the colours comes out.


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