Sunday, August 9, 2009

A failed model photoshoot

Yesterday evening, I joined a get-together session with some of the Alpha members at 2nd beach Tanjung Aru. It was great as we get to know more Alpha users in KK, while sharing some tips and tricks of photography. Poison was abundant which is a must during an outing like this. And what made my day was I got the chance to hold and test the Sony 70-400G lens. It was a sight to behold. The grey-coloured lens now retailed around RM5k plus and it's still in my wishlist. The weight is nice, almost the same as my Tamron 70-200. One weaknesses though, the focussing speed is a little on the slow side. It's the same as the Sony 70-300G that I tested earlier in the morning when I had another session with some of the guys. Weaknesses aside, the image quality was superb and produces very nice colours. I love the range, good for birding.

Then we had some photo-taking session. The guy who organised this session, suprised us by bringing in a model. All of us didn't waste the golden opportunity to have a model photoshoot. Quickly we took out our gears and flashes and start firing.

This is my first time shooting a real model. And boy it was difficult. Getting a right exposure was a confusing proccess. And to add it all up, I didn't bring my homemade diffuser. What a day. I had to rely mostly on the built in diffuser of my F58 but most of my shots were either under or over exposed. Luckily she was sporting enough to endure all the flashes fired towards her and doing some nice poses for us to shoot. She was sweet, and even apologized for being late which we really don't mind actually. :D

Hopefully she will our model when we have another session like this, probably a flash outing. That would be even better with more strobes working together to create good shots.


  1. i think u need to turn up the intensity of the light / flash but still i think some photos here can still be fixed with post processing work.

  2. yeap. thanks for the tip. i'm just not the kind photogs who loves pp. One of the reason, my lappy so slow. Adei!