Friday, August 14, 2009

My DIY diffuser

Those are some of my macro shots using the alien gun that I just made, but now it's covered with some soft foam to diffuse the light and make it more softer. The details are there without being spoiled by harsh light from a bare flash.

Now I'm so into this DIY thing that I made another flash gun in the form of a diffuser using the same materials as the alien gun.

Using the same rectangular container, cut a rectagular shape(as big as the flash head) at the middle, bottom part of it.

After you shaped the cardboard onto the flash head, slot in the other end of the board into the hole. Cut for lines, and expand the board like a flower. Stick the 'petals' using paper tape.

Next, by using the leftover cardboard, I made a small 'hill'(pardon for my noobness, but I really don't know how to call this thing) in front of the flash area. This is to reflect the light from the flash to fill the whole container(at least from my noob theory) resulting a balanced light.

Another look at the 'hill'. I guess you guys can figure it out how I made it. :D

Fill the container with aluminium foil. And cover the 'hill' too. This is my test shot without the soft foam.

Test shot with soft foam attached.

Now for some real life applications.

So what do you think? For me the subject is well-lit without showing some glares and over exposing. Hope that this post of mine will help in your journey for your own diffuser. Next up, I'm thinking of making a ring flash gun. Happy DIY!

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