Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fairy Cave, Bau, Sarawak

Phew! It's been more than a week since I last updated this blog. I have been busy arranging my big day preparations, went back to Bau for a while, having some fun outings and stuffs and met new friends. So, I compiled everything up, and will present them here in stages, starting with this trip I had when I'm at Bau last Sunday.

I can't remember when was the last time I visited this cave. I think when I'm still in primary school. It isn't that far from where I'm staying actually, just that it gives me the creep if I'm going alone. Luckily, for this trip I was accompanied by my other half, Burney and Kenny which I got to know just recently.

From what I was told last time, the cave got its name because some of the stones there looks like structures of humans. There was a story that some humans were cursed into stones. The cave itself is located at Krokong, Bau. You just can't miss the signboard if you're driving.

Looks scary to me. Gone were the old pathways going up to the cave, now it is replaced with a sturdier, bigger and safer stairs.

The new staircase going to the entrance of the cave.



Missus giving a pose at the entrance.

A torchlight helps a lot when you enter the cave as it can be quite dark depending on the weather outside. Besides, there are a few other caves inside the cave which you can explore too. It tooks us merely 10 minutes to reach the cavity of the cave, and man it's huge! It was damp but quite airy inside.

The cement stairs going to other parts of the cave.

Torchlight where are you?

Can you spot Kenny and Burney?

Rock-climbing enthusiast often come here.

I just couldn't help wondering how come I never had any plans before to go to this place earlier. It is a nice place to relax and to enjoy the nature.


  1. auww...nice butt braynumb aka burney! wakakaka.. next time cuti panjang we go shoot2 arr..bro tubik. I hv 1 alpha friend who always tagged along with me.

  2. haha thanks. no prob sanuh. as long as we have interesting subjects to shoot. :D