Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first homemade alien gun

What is an alien gun? From what I understand it's a flash diffuser/extender that provides better lighting when doing macro photography and such. I think it's called alien as most of the guns I saw were homemade, and they never looked tidy and neat. Plasters here and there and uncut aluminium foil were part of the gun itself.

How the back looks like.

I initially thought that by just using my f58 and it's built in diffuser will create a good lighting for my macro. But with the new alien gun, the photos are simply better and sometimes amazing to look at. Got the idea from a good friend. So let me share my version of it. Poor man's lighting.

Materials :
1. Manila card or something thicker with shiny surfaces
2. Paper tape
3. Cutter
4. Aluminium foil
5. Thin plastic container.

Procedures :
1. Wrap the paper/manila card around the flash head to secure it with paper tape so that it will be easy for you to insert or detach the alien gun.
2. By using a cutter, cut a rectangular shape at the plastic container at one of it's wide side. Cut it to fit the end of the manila paper nicely inside.
3. Slide in the end of the manila card into the cut area of the container, and make 4 small cuts on the top of the manila card.
4. Expand the end of the manila card(just like a flower shape) and stick in onto the inner part of the container using paper tape.
5. Cover the whole inner part of the container with aluminium foil and cut a hole around the manila card to allow light to enter.
6. Now you have a table lamp lookalike alien gun.

The inner part under the aluminium foil. See the cut areas of the manila card? It's to hold the card in place.

The hole to make way for light.

Table lamp!

I intend to cover the container with tissue to make the light softer but didn't find any suitable one so I leave it like that for now. The result?

Previous macro attempt with f58's built in diffuser.

Scattered light everywhere.

Alien gun attempt.

Even my subject is suprised with it!

Better looking macro shots.

Try yours now!