Monday, August 31, 2009

Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary

Before I went back to Bau, I visited this place which is located in Likas, not far from the Likas Square building. It's a place where birds are free to roam, look for food and also shelter. Paid RM3.00 and I went in, hoping to spot some nice birds along the way.

Sadly, I couldn't find much, maybe my eyes aren't sensitive enough or the timing is not that right that day(afternoon). When I went there in 2000, I saw quite a few of them but no camera to capture. Nevertheless, enjoy the photos of the place. And don't forget to visit, who knows you have more luck than mine. :D

Eventually, you can also shoot this 'bird' here. Easier to spot than other birds. :p


  1. ulamak... the bird photo so so sharp...

  2. I like the boat pic. got sentimental value!