Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sarawak Cultural Village

Months before I planned on going back to Kuching for the school holidays, my missus already had plans on her own when she get there. The first place that she wanted to visit was the Sarawak Cultural Village. The last time I went there was somewhere in 1993 if I'm not mistaken. So, it's due time for me to be there and see if there's any difference from what I saw last time.

The village was opened in 1990, and it was known as the living museum, which portrays the multi-ethnic races in Sarawak. It's located at Santubong, 35 kilometres from Kuching, and just a few minutes from Damai Puri Beach Resort and Santubong Resort by foot. For locals, the entrance fee is Rm25, Malaysian other than Sarawakian is RM50 and foreigners RM100. And by the way, it's the place where the annual Rainforest Music Festival is held too.

Here's some of the shots of Sarawak Cultural Village before my camera died on me. Sigh...

Visitors can enjoy the daily cultural show, showcasing ethnic dances complete with their costumes. I'll show the photos in the next post.


  1. tubik, aku dah beberapa kali pegi sia tp masa ya lumda dslr.. kaktuk ku mok ngetest hehehe...

  2. mesti mok pergi sia pok. byk tempat mok ngetest kamera sia. heheh.