Monday, September 7, 2009

Usagi Japanese Restaurant

My first encounter with Japanese food (sushi) was in 1993 at Fukuoka, Japan. I participated in the Eco-Jamboree camp which was hosted by the Japanese embassy and one of the activities during the jamboree was a homestay with a foster parent. My foster parent were kind enough to show me the Japanese way of life, the foods, culture and I even tried the electronic toilet(it was so cool!!) at their house.

On my last night with them, they cooked some sushi. I remembered seeing some tunas, shrimps and rice arranged nicely on a big serving plate. Everything looked juicy and delicious. I didn't enjoy the taste initially but with some dabs of soy sauce, everything went in smoothly. The soy sauce even came in small capsules. Just enough for one serving per capsule.

Then, I didn't savour any Japanese food until I tried the beef rice at Yoshinoya which is located Mid Valley, KL a few years back. It was delicious! The beef is tender, full of taste and the miso soup compliments everything. Even I'm salivating at this moment, thinking about that.

Opps. Enough of that. My post today is about a dinner I had at Usagi Japanese restaurant. It is located at Kompleks Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu. If you can't find the place, just looked for McDonalds and it's right behind it. I tried sushi and beef rice before, so this time I ordered something different. Just that....I can't remember the names. Sigh...

What can I say about the place. It is cosy. The tables and chairs are nicely arranged. There are decorations and Japanese magazines for you to look at while waiting for your order.

Love the stainless steel chopsticks.


Books to kill off time.

Get the 'waaaaaa' mood here.


Sadly I can't remember the name of this menu. But I can't forget the wonderful taste.

Seafood fried rice. Taste a bit different from our local fried rice.

Must have healthy drink. Less sugar please!

Miso soup!

I paid more the RM50 for everything. Expensive? It depends on one's perception but for me it's worth it. And I got two RM4 discount vouchers for my next visit. Yay! I'm going there again soon. :D


  1. I bet you must be enjoying the stuff...hehehehe..RM50? worth it...

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