Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kampung Taburan, Kota Belud and the pre-wedding photoshoot

Where is Kampung Taburan you may ask. And what's so special about it that I had a short pre-wedding photoshoot there. The kampung is located around 2 hours drive from Kota Belud town. The road is really bad at times and you'll need a 4WD to get there easily. You can use Kancil or a Wira, but be prepared to meet these...

This is just the beginning.

Don't play-play, there's a plaza over here too!

After some butt-shaking and head-hitting journey, you will be rewarded with these...

The untouched beach offered some nice views, clean sands with clear blue waters. Just perfect for photoshoot session. So my Nikonian friend and me prepared our stuffs while waiting for our models to get ready.

11 year old Christianabelle.

16-year old Zila.

Annabelle and Roy.


Let's zoom out a bit...

Personally I love this shot the most, but sadly I cropped the hand too much.

After that, we had another shoot at a hilly side on our way back to Kota Belud. This is the place where I got the mishap. Sigh... Tried some different editings here.

Definitely I enjoyed the session at Taburan. Coupled with nice views and sporting 'models'(they are actually my friend's daughter and in-laws), I managed to practice and implement some techniques especially the fill-flash. I just came back from a night at Mesilau Nature Resort and we had a wonderful photoshoot session there too at avery cold stream. Will blog that one after I finished editing the photos.


  1. i love the 1 u love also..and also too bad the elbow not there..but still a good photo indeed..:)

  2. yeap bro.so excited to take photos, lupa wanna go a bit farther than the subject. btw, i'm still in shock about our dear ryzan.