Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My new DSLR backpack - Benro F302

I always wanted to buy a new dslr backpack ever since my Winer T-06 starting to give me shoulder aches. Don't get me wrong. The Winer is a good bag. It may look small, but it can pack all my gears (a700 body with Tokina attached, the Tamron 70200, SP90, my two flashes with another slot left for another lens). But after a while because of the extra weight of the new lenses and the Winer's thin shoulder padding, I would go home feeling uneasy and sore. And because of the extra weight too, the bag rest quite low behind my back when I use it, and I looked like a big kindergarden kid with a cute bag.

So I went for backpack hunting. The famous and widely used by photograhers is the Lowepro, and I was keen on some of the models but, the price is a bit steep. I like the Computrekker AW. It's big, bulky and can pack lots of gears with a slot for a laptop too. But then, it was way out of my budget of RM350-400. After a week, I finally found my ideal bag. It's the Benro F302.

Benro produced dlsr bags? From what I know they produced tripods and stuffs but not bags. Nevertheless I like the design of it, and the price is just right. Rm350 plus postage. Nice!

Tripod clip.

The Benro measures 45x31x23 cm, bigger than the Winer bag.

Side pouches for storing small items. On the right is meant for MP3 players.

The shoulder strap with a host of hooks.

Front compartment for storing batteries, memory cards, filters etc.

Waist strap.

Benro. Prefered by profesion. Innovative design.

The laptop compartment. Able to house 15 inches lappie.

It houses all my gears. This bag comes with raincoat too.

The front view.

Side view.

Back view.

So far I have no qualms about the bag. Even though the shoulder strap is not as thick as Lowepros, it does provide ample and balanced cushioning. It rest perfectly behind my back too. Besides, it offers extra flexibility such as the tripod clip, laptop compartment and some extra slots for small items. No more kindergarden-boy look. :D


  1. wow.. kacak beg tuk bro.. till now, aku stil belum decide mok meli beg apa utk dslr ku. But lowepro dlm list.. suka sigek design but sekda laptop compartmen... aisehh...

  2. tengkiu bro. lowepro computrekker lah ngam tok kau mun mok ada laptop compartment.

  3. manada kaya geng. keselamatan barang2 very important. hehe.

  4. beli insurans untuk backpack ni. tambah sikit more keselamatan yang terjamin. muahahahaha!!!