Sunday, September 6, 2009

When Alpha users met at night (KK edition)

During the just concluded school holidays, I met with some of Sony Alpha users in Kota Kinabalu. It has been a while since we last met. We did the outing at night because some the them are fasting during the day(Holy month of Ramadan). We met at an Indian restaurant at Likas, had some small discussion and 'poison spreading session' before proceeding to Tanjung Lipat for some flash photoshoot session.

Flash setup was easy mainly due to all Alpha bodies are able to trigger Alpha flashes wirelessly. All we had to do was to position the flashes correctly(which we still need to practice more). Nevertheless, it was fun. I did the same actitivy actually when I was in Kuching last few weeks, but only two flashes were used. Four Alpha flashed used in tandem this time together with a Vivitar series 1 to lit up our models which No paid model for that night. Huhu.

Our setup.




Ryzan and Yus(the Zeiss owners)

Lovely couple

Ryzan in shooting mode.

The cool ranger mode.

Might be doing another outing this coming Hari Raya holidays as more members are joining in the fun. Hopefully it will be a blast!


  1. Wow..great event tubik..wish i was there too..!

  2. if i'm in miri for courses, later we hook up lah geng. bring your neighbours lah later. :D