Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park 'Bird Santuary' and the animal show

The last time I visited this place, they closed the bird sanctuary areas for renovation process. Lucky for me that it was reopen as I wanted to get some close up shots of the birds. I went in, but managed to shoot only a few as it was getting hotter inside. Besides, most of the birds went too far for me to shoot at.

This bird kept following me and say Hi!

So I went out and visit the other animals and met human cousins too...the orang-utan. There were a lot of Japanese tourist on that day and most of them love to cheer loudly whenever the orang utans made some gimmicks.

Thought of submitting this photo to alphanatics for the monthly competition, but I forgotten about it. Missed another chance of winning a F42.

This act got the loudest cheer!!!

Then I went to the amphitheater to watch the animal show. It was funny and entertaining. I was impressed by the instructors who managed to control the behaviors of the animals presented. We had snakes, birds flying above us and a civet. I wonder how they trained those birds which flew quite close to us, yet still following the instructions given. The snake was placed in a box near to one of the visitors's bench but they only realised about it when one of the instructors took it out. It made everyone nearby jumped.

Baby orang-utan.

Although still a baby, she packs some serious strengths.

Pity our human representatives who lost out to the orang-utan.



  1. yooo...nice shot bro! using ur powerful Tamron 70200 i guess...

  2. yeap. using the tammy. the photos not as nice as my other sets. the background is over blown.

  3. Nice shot man ! I am sure you had a great time there and this is memorable time for you . I also went to bird sanctuary areas in Gurgoan in India. There are thousands of birds in this area. We had taken lot of photographs of birds as well.