Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cheap + small + Cute = Extreme fun!!!

What could you get with Rm2800? With that much money I could get a Sony premium 16-80mm Carl Zeiss lens, or I could get a decent RC drift car or an Iphone. Nice!

Or, you can buy one of these!

It's cheap for a bike, small enough for a secondary kid to sit on it, and looks cute too with its colours. How small? Here's an example of a 17+ cm guy on it.

This made in China bike(I think so) is almost the same size as the Kawasaki mini scrambler, just that the latter is fitted with wider, bigger tyres and small rims. If I'm not mistaken, it is powered by a 125cc engine. Seems small, but wait till you have a ride on it. With a manual clutch fitted, you can do some serious wheelie! The torque is there for you to climb some hill and tackling rough terrains.

Love the colour scheme.

Studded tyres for you offroad requirements.

The plastic and metal parts looks okay for me. You can't complain much with the price that you're paying for. Besides, it's a bike suitable for weekend fun. The seating position might feel awkward as you're sitting quite close to the handle bar and the bar occasionally touch your laps.

Monoshocks at the rear.

Disc brake with ventilated disc some more.

Mud cover and a long shock to absorb bumps.

No meters. Who cares as long as you get all the fun and excitement. Those can't be measured.


Before you get excited and head to your nearest motorbike dealer, there is one important reminder. This bike, as stated by my friend, can't be registered with our local RTD. Why? I myself not sure. Maybe the local distributors haven't applied for any permit to bring in this pocket fun. And maybe because of that, the price is cheap. Therefore, I think it's really suitable for those staying in the villagers, where you can ride this to the farms or the rivers. Happy and safe biking everyone.


  1. wow... tosikal ehehehe.. i prefer buy a sony lenses ehehehe...

  2. bro..i prefer Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 lense..hehehehehhee

    now income lari to camera world..hahahahaha!
    nasib takda bini.. ;P

  3. with that money, i would love to get the cz lens. what a poison. hehe. I have no wide angle lenses now. Huhu.