Saturday, September 19, 2009

One miserable day...sort of.

What did I get after I went through this...

Shove my friend's kitlens in sands...thus making the zoom action very, very rough.

Had a fall. My palms swollen, with cuts and bruises.

My camera fell too. The Tamron tripod collar got scratch marks on it.

It left some marks and cracks on the body too. Sigh...

I got these! It's the best portrait session that I ever had. Finally I had some decent shots that I'm proud of. My previous attempts were not as nice as these.

Both photos taken with Tamron 70200, and F58 fired wirelessly for fill light. Here's some 'behind the scene' actions.

I will blog more about this later. As for now, I really need some good rest and getting my things ready for another photoshoot session at...Mesilau. Nice!


  1. Nice set bro! what happen actually?

    hehehehe..evy your guys! especially the tammy 70-200...

    anyway, nice pic! love the white ~ green theme, and of course, the action behind the scene!

  2. we had another shoot at a hill bro. Very nice view. So on our way down, it was quite dark and I walked a bit fast. I jumped, put my leg foward but hit the divider, that where I started to fall. My tamron was heading right onto the asphalt, I moved it away before hitting the ground. only able to see my cam goleng2 on the ground. Luckily everything works fine even after the knock. Thanks for the comment. I'll upload more later.