Monday, September 14, 2009

Kota Belud Hotel...the first and the last.

Unknown staff : "Welcome to Kota Belud bad."

"Welcome to the real Kota Belud Hotel!"

I was like "What the f@#$! I thought KB hotel is the big, nice looking building overlooking Mount Kinabalu. I saw this hotel last few months so I thought it would be great to spend a night there, and catch some nice morning views. It is located about one kilometres after Kota Belud town.

The opportunity arrived when my friend organised a barbeque party at his home in KB. So I called the hotel to make my booking. The twin-sharing room cost RM120, which I thought just nice. On Merdeka eve I drove there with high hopes and looking forward for the next morning to get some nice shots of the mountain.

Sadly, everything went down the drain. When I arrived at the hotel, I went into the big building but couldn't find the lobby or even the reception desk. A staff then told me that the reception desk was at the other building. Then I got to know that the hotel isn't really a hotel. It's reserved or owned by a gas company for its workers.

He showed me the room that I booked earlier, and I paid up the room rent. Why? I could have just cancelled the booking and go to another hotel. Well, just want to enlighten the others so that they won't have the same experience. How was the room? You judge for yourself.

For me, I could get a better room accomodations with Rm120. Rooms in Kundasang are even better and they provide better views of Mt. Kinabalu with natural 'air-conditioner' all day. The rate for this room should be around RM70 as it doesn't come with breakfast.

Maybe this view from the back of the room contributes to the high rate.

There are chalets around here for RM200.

This view still cannot compensate for the high room rates.


  1. first of all....what a shame for me since i'm working in the hotel line ~ as you didn't get you expected..
    but great Mt. Kinabalu pic you have..evy you.. :)

    Perhaps will take the photo this December!

  2. No worries la bro. I had pleasant stays in other hotels previously. Just that I complain about the price and the room it provided. Other than that, it is ok. I had unpleasant sleep at one of the hotels in Kch too. But I lost the photos that I took there and couldn't blog about it.

    I might be going to Kundasang this raya holidays. Will take lots of Mt. Kinabalu pics. :D