Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sony my hands and through my eyes.

Finally, I bought a worthy upgrade to my a200. It's bigger, heavier and better in more ways than one. The thing that I like about it is the focusing speed and accuracy that it provides to all my lenses. And the lcd display is a joy to look at. My a200(soon to be gone), is a capable shooter. Light, smaller but packs some punches that awed me throughout my dslr journey. It is just recently that I need a better performer. The Tamron 70-200 will focus faster when mounted on a700.

It's your fault that I had to changed camera.

In my hands, it feels sturdy. The grip is bigger, and handling it with one hand is easy. The shutter sounded different this time. Unlike the a200, this can shoot 5 frames per second in Fine jpeg mode. Good for some action shots. Control buttons are abundant, gives easier access to most used functions and the new Quicknavi enables user to change most of the settings in the display in few button presses.

Control dial. See the MR? It's Memory Recall. Three options/prefferences provided for settings on the go.

The back. 3 inch lcd. Buttons are nicely laid out for me.

There's the back jog dial on top of the camera for adjusting aperture. The front dial for shutter.

The a700 used CMOS sensor. A200 used CCD. I personally can't really differenciate the differences. As long as the photo looks good, it passed my requirements. The iso number list is more now. I can select 100, 125, 160, 200 or more in small steps until 6400.

Remote, HDMI, usb and charger compartment.

Focussing selector on the go.

AF/MF quick selector. Press and hold the button, and your lens will be in manual focusing mode instantly.

Some more buttons on the top part.

Well, enough on the technical parts. Now for some photos.

Tokina 28-70 on a700.

1/100, f8, iso100, 70mm vivid

1/40, f4, iso 640, 55mm vivid

1/30, f4, iso400, 70mm vivid

1/20, f4, iso400, 70mm standard

1/125, f8, iso100, 70mm standard

Tamron 70-200.

1/40, f8, iso100, 200mm standard

1/25, f5.6, iso100, 200mm standard

1/400, f5.6, iso100, 135mm standard

Sony SAL16105.

1/60, f5.6, iso 100, 85mm standard

1/100, f5.6, iso100, 26mm standard

1/40, iso100, f6.3, 105mm standard

1/25, f16, iso200, 90mm standard

1/25, f16, iso200, 90mm

1/40, f20, iso200, 90mm

After two days of using this camera, there only one word that can describe my feelings...awesome


  1. congratulations bro!! u got urself an awesome camera!! im still stuck with the a200..... still learning!

  2. dun say stuck la bro. i still like how the a200 works with its simplicity. just that change of lens made me think of a better body. i know one day you'll be getting yours too. :D