Saturday, November 21, 2009

The cobra strikes again!

After almost a week in the Sony 'hospital', I got back my F58. Yeay! Miss the power and capabilities it posses compared to the F42. The foot was severely damaged that even superglue cannot fix it. It came back with a new, shining foot. Had it mounted on my cam, bounced it left and right several times to make sure everything works like before.

And I was charged RM200 for the fix. The parts plus the labour charge.

Sony even sent back the broken piece.

No glue capable of helping this poor piece of plastic.

Now I can concentrate on making a version 2 softbox for the cobra using some corrugated sheets. The only thing that's not been fixed yet is the hotshoe on my cam. So far, the superglue did a good job. Hopefully it would last quite some time as I do need my cam these coming few months. Big day coming, cousin's big day coming, X'mas, New Year...


  1. bro... asyik tengok you punya barang spoil here spoil there... ???

  2. Tubik.. shoe kemre ko rusak?? aiyoyo.. susahlah pia.. giney jadi mcmya? terlanggar sumthing kah? sedih oo mun "darling" kita rusak kedakya.. ehehehe..

  3. kenny : hehe. careless whisper lah bro. terlalu syok mau tangkap gambar, lupa mau jaga2 camera.

    onggon : shoe aku ada patah sigek belah kiri. dah kenak gam and so far sikda masalah mun mount 58 and bounce2. guguk riya a700, tamron 70200 and f58 skali. ada lam post aku nok sebelum2 tok. :D