Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Water droplets

Alas! I have managed to get some decent shots of water droplets. Few months ago I did a similar shoot, but failed miserably. Back then I thought it was easy to get an interesting one, but I misplaced the lighting and camera settings. Besides, I didn't use a high shutter speed to freeze the movements.

Then I encountered a friend's blog, which showed his setup. I was ecstatic! Eureka! And his shots looked stunning. Quickly I set up my kit and head straight to the kitchen sink. My setup : A700 with Tamron SP90 attached, F42 fired from the top right, a clear glass plate, an interesting magazine page that is put underneath the plate. The plate is put under a slow dripping tap.

Set up my camera to manual, after a few practice and sweaty armpits, I'm very pleased with the outcome. Most shots are on 1/5000, F11-13. F42 fired wirelessly at 1/1 power.

Love the crown-looking splash.

On the next try, I will make the water drop more in focus. Want to capture the reflection inside.


  1. nice shot! wow! by the way, how's ur AK [ hehehehe...i give the name of AK for A series.. ]

  2. ekeke. AK been working fine bro. Just the cobra still waiting to be discharge. :D