Saturday, November 21, 2009

A good news indeed!

Few days ago I submitted some of my photos to John Shum of Sony Malaysia. He was looking for some contributions from alpha users and the photos selected will be print out and will be on display at Sony centres.

I did contribute a photo few months back but it was not selected. Some of the criteria for the selection are taken with Sony Alpha cameras and lenses. I was using a third party lenses so I think that's the reason why.

Anyway, tried my luck again and went searching for my old photos in the hdd before emailing it to John. He emailed me back asking me to send the original file to him. I do hope that it will be on display. It would a very big motivation to produce nice photos in the future.

Which photo that got selected?

One evening at Lok Kawi, Putatan, Sabah. A200 with SAL18-70 kitty.