Monday, November 9, 2009

Shea Part 2

Let's continue with the Shea photoshoot session held last Saturday. We hoped for a nice sunset, but the rain hampered the whole scene. Our setup were F42 and F58 fired from the left and right side of her. At times only one flash fired because of the recharge rate. Two flashes were shared by four bodies firing almost continuously. The F58 got overheated twice, and a set of Eneloops were depleted.

The outcome? Variable flash power sometimes ruining a good shot. As the flash fired continuously, the output reduced because it has not been recharge fully. And I think I do need a softbox for the flashes. Time for DIY again. Nevertheless, the shots in this part were taken in Raw so editing could help save a bad shot. The F58 had a fall again, it will be sent to Sony 'Hospital' soon.

Thanks to the Alpha members and Shea for making the photoshoot possible and fun, although the output wasn't as nice. Edited using and Picasa.

Some of the Alpha members.