Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Got pencil have drawings

I have been busy this past few days. Didn't manage to shoot anything, or even touch the camera. Lately my school have been busy organising important events, and soon we will have another two coming this Thursday and Friday.

Besides, I have exam papers to be submitted, not forgetting updating the school's data. How I wish school holidays can come early. Can't wait to go back to Bau and enjoy the foods.

Anyway, I found out about a bag design competition by Kata this morning. Kata is a well known dslr bag maker apart from Lowepro to name a few. Curious, I visited the site and basically what you should do is submit you bag design. How? You can submit your drawing just like what I did just now. I'm not good in drawings as you can see. Well, it does shows what I have in mind. :D I named my bag Rapid as it features some quick-access doors to the equipments.

How the Rapid mechanism works. It can fit 70-200mm lens too!

The prize? Camera and equipments awaits the winner plus, your design will be made into reality by Kata which is even cooler.

So, for those interested, what are you waiting for? Here's the link and good luck!

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