Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharing is caring

For the past few years, I kept a lot of shirts and until recently my 'rented' cupboard could not cope up with it. This is due to the fact that I'm getting bigger, I got free shirts from buying something and from gifts. So I decided that I would donate some of it to my local church in Bau for the needy. I packed my unused and used shirts and ended with two bags full. However, few days before the school holiday starts, I changed my mind. Where did my shirts go to?

I gave it to my students. Why? Well, most of my students came from poor families. Besides, at times when school experienced water shortages, those students would have difficulties in washing their clothing and having clean clothes to wear. What did I gain then? Lots of smile (which I didn't remember to capture) and happiness when I saw at the joy in their faces. Enough to make my day before enjoying the holidays and my big day.

So, what did you share/give recently?


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  2. Good job, bro and what did i share recentl? a link to you on FB. You still remember. LOL.

  3. mampu merik senyum jak bro.. lom sehebat dirik ehehehehe :)

  4. hehe. apa yang penting? keikhlasan!(wonderpets style).

    sayang budak2.