Friday, November 6, 2009

Majestica Mount Kinabalu

Everytime when I see the Mount Kinabalu not covered in clouds, I would always admire its sheer beauty and size. I have numerous shots of it, but the dissatisfaction would always be there. There's always something interesting to see it at different angles and zooms.

On my way back from Mesilau that day, we stopped for a while at Kundasang for some vegetables shopping when the clouds slowly dispersed and revealed breathtaking views of the mountain. I quickly load my Tammy 70-200 and shoot while holding a big smile on my face. Not forgetting the satisfaction after each shot.

What a formation of rocks could do. By the way, I read in the newpapers that some companies are planning to build a 5-star resort near the mountain. And from the size of the resort model, it looked huge. I wonder where will it be located exactly. The project will be completed in three years time.


  1. nice series bro..bila la boleh amik gambo kat kawasan gunung mcm ni hehe..

  2. bila? beli tiket ke sabah. sampai sini, bila2 pun boleh ambik tue. :D hehe. tengkiu geng. beruntung kat sabah nie dapat pemandangan indah.