Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage Centre, Mount Singai, Bau

Going to this special place is like a renewal of faith. Not only one needs to walk uphill for more than 30 minutes, but once you get to the centre the feeling of fresh air and lush, green scenery that surrounds the place greets you with a calm and peaceful feeling. All you hear is the sound of the small jungle creatures that was left to live undisturbed.

Right before entering the pathway to CMPC. Notice the abundance of plastic bags on the left? Visitors are encouraged to bring as much as they can the bags filled with sand while walking up to the centre to help with the completions of the new complex.

You are reminded!

The first stop. Notice the stairs and walkway that is covered with moss.

Mount Singai is located in Kampung Tanjung Singai, about 30-40 minutes from Kuching. Just look out for the signboard on your left before you reach the place or the foothill. The CMPC is located about 550m above sea level so get your water and energy bars ready if you're not the active type. I myself was sweating profusely and often stopped to catch a breath because of the steep stairs. I think I need to lose a lot of weight from my current 90 kgs.

The first stop for the 'Station of the Cross'.

Don't let these intimidate you. It's just few steps away.

A view from the top.

Some history about this place. In 1885, a small chapel was built at the site of the current CMPC. However, when the place was left behind following the migration of the people to the foothill, it was turned into a pilgrimage centre. It was officially opened and blessed in November 1999. Since then, the place have been visited regularly by Catholics and other Christians beliefs and hosted various spiritual events and avtivities.

Finally, we have reach CMPC!

Map, without the new complex.

Please donate generously.

The new complex to serve the growing parishioners.

After months of delay, my cousin and I decided to visit this place this morning. The last time I came was in 2003 if I'm not mistaken, and so much have change. The wooden pathway and stairs are now in dire need of change. I think it wouldn't be safe to use in a year's time. Somehow I think, the money spent for perserving the place is channeled more for its new complex. As the number of visitors and worshippers growing tremendously over the years, CMPC committee is hoping that the new complex will accomodate them. I saw a banner in front of the unfinished complex asking for donations as they are short of RM250,000 budget.

The open auditorium.


I do hope that the complex will be completed soon and with the help of more donations and funds, it will be spent for preserving and upgrading the facilities especially the pathways. We do not want some unlucky person to slip and get injured.

The Grotto.

Another look of the chapel.

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