Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gawai 2009

How was your Gawai celebrations? I had a nice, simple Gawai this year together with my family. Our Gawai this year is almost the same with all our previous Gawais. And I usually hang out at home helping my family serve foods and drinks to our guest in the morning before I go out for visiting later that day.

We had our Gawai and Christmas at our quaters in school where my parents lived. We did plan to celebrate it at kampung, but then we thought that some of my parent's friends might not know where's our house there. Well, we usually have this sets of guests who never fail to visit during Gawai and Christmas so having it here would be a wise choice even though the house is small.

What did we have and who came? Here's some recap.

Beef rendang!

Cold pickles!


Mix vege!

The 'regular' guests.

The 'regular' servings.

My sis, bro and his girlfriend.

My cousin, her fiancee and friends.

My sis friend.

I tried something new. I don't favour wine so much but today couldn't resist the mixture of red wine and Zapple, resulting in a blackcurrant, almost ribena-like tasty drink. Normally I will have brandy Coke and tequila or gin mixed with Sprite. Personally, I think the wine 'cocktail' tastes even better!

Cheers everyone!


  1. Happy Gawai Dayak Bro.. I really missed all the event for Gawai. Huhuhuhu..

    Brah Hisham