Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Framing Daniel Ading of Ethnic Transmissions

This is my friend, my former guitarist and now the lead guitar for Ethnic Transmissions and Stoic4Life. After years of playing in and out for a band, he decided to come up with a solo album. Although a little bit skeptical about how the response would be later, nevertheless, with the great response from the fans of E.T's first album, he hoped that the reception will be encouraging.

Materials for the album is still in progress, and we decided to shoot for the cd cover and inlay first as I'm not always available in Kuching. So we drove to Damai Puri in Santubong yesterday for some inspirations. He brought along his new axe, a month-old Ibanez Prestige which cost more than RM4k.

As this is my first try on a shoot like this, we did scratch our head to find a proper scene and mood for most of the session. Daniel lost his spectrum among the stones, one of his nostalgic and prized item after years of taking up guitar.

My suggested cd cover.

You can know more about him and his bands by searching Ethnic Transmissions in Youtube or Myspace.


  1. tq bro. still a lot of flaw and mistakes here and there. some underexposed too. hopefully can do more this december with the band.